BaD Tour Winter Dates
Thu Jan. 12th 2017

Featured in USA Today, People magazine, LA Times, The Huffington Post and more, the BaD Tour is back for 2017 and BaDder than ever! Click here for 2017 Winter BaD Tour dates.

The 'BaD Tour' is the first ever Breaking Bad locations tour of Albuquerque. Breaking Bad is the Emmy-winning television series that was shot on location in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Spend 3.5 hours on ABQ Trolley X as we tour Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's Albuquerque. 

There are 11 seats available per tour. There will be Breaking Bad trivia and great prizes from local Albuquerque businesses given out on the tour. The BaD Tour is approximately 38 miles long.