Where does the Best of ABQ *Hop-on, Hop-off* City Tour board?
Riders can board the Trolley at one of two locations: Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town or at our AT&SF headquarters Downtown.

The Trolley makes a stop in Old Town at Hotel Albuquerque at 10am*, 12pm, 2pm* and 4pm*. The last time the Trolley brings passengers to Hotel Albuquerque is 6pm.

The Trolley makes a stop Downtown at the Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory at 10:45am*, 12:45pm*, 2:45pm* and 4:45pm. The last time the Trolley brings passengers to the Downtown stop is 6:45pm (end of the line for the tour for the day's tour).
*denotes times that passengers may initially board the Trolley

Do I purchase a specific tour time and boarding location for the Best of ABQ *Hop-on, Hop-off* City Tour?

Yes. When purchasing tickets, you must select a ticket that specifies your desired boarding time and location (see answer above). Click here to purchase tickets for your desired date, time, and initial boarding location. Tickets are $35 for adults and $25 for children (ages 3-12). 


What are the Trolley hours of operation for the Best of ABQ *Hop-on, Hop-off* City Tour?
Trolley service is from 10am–6:45pm, Tuesdays–Sundays, from April–October. We are closed on Mondays (except the Monday during and immediately after Balloon Fiesta).


Where do I park my car while on the tour? 
Trolley patrons enjoy free parking at Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town. For riders boarding initially at our Downtown location, paid meter parking is available on the street, as well as various pay-to-park lots. The Downtown boarding location is ideal for guests staying at Downtown hotels within walking distance (Hyatt Regency, DoubleTree, and Hotel Andaluz). 


How long is the full Best of ABQ *Hop-on, Hop-off* City Tour?
The full tour is approximately 120-minutes (2 hours). This time is extended if you hop-off at any stops along the way. It can run a bit longer if we encounter slow traffic or construction.


Do I need to ride the entire time on the Best of ABQ *Hop-on, Hop-off* City Tour?
No. You are welcome to hop-on and hop-off the Trolley throughout the day. 
You are also welcome to ride for 120-minutes (one loop) and then end your time with us at your discretion. Your tickets buy you 8 hours of ride time during our hours of operation (10am–6:45pm, Tuesdays–Sundays). Afternoon tickets rollover to the following day to ensure that passengers receive 8 hours of ride time. 


If I buy a Best of ABQ *Hop-on, Hop-off* City Tour ticket at 4pm, when is it valid until?
Tickets roll over to the following day (excluding tickets purchased for a Sunday). You can re-board the Trolley the following day at the same location day you initially boarded. So tickets purchased at 4pm on a Thursday are valid until 4pm on Friday.


What if I board the Trolley on a Sunday afternoon? Do I still get 8 hours of ride time? 
No. Sunday afternoon tickets do not rollover (we are closed on Mondays). Thus these tickets are "half-day passes" and are $25 for adults and $15 for children (ages 3-12), a $10 discount per ticket. 


I'm trying to buy tickets online but there are no tour times listed.
If you see an empty box on our calendar, it is because we are closed that day or do not have tour times listed yet. ABQ Trolley Co. will be closed Mondays (except the Monday during and immediately after Balloon Fiesta).


How do I get to Hotel Albuquerque or the Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory's downtown location?
Please see our section titled Directions. There are many transportation options.


How can I purchase tickets?
Buy tickets online or via phone at 505-200-2642. Walk-ups are welcome at the AT&SF box office in Old Town (inside Hotel Albuquerque) or the AT&SF box office downtown (inside the historic Banque Building). You can also purchase tickets at the Hold My Ticket Box Office located in the Sunshine Building on 2nd and Central (112 2nd St SW).


Are tickets refundable?
No. Tickets are, however, transferable. Please see our General Information & Policies section for more details.  


Is there assigned seating on the trolley?
No. Tickets are sold as "General Admission." With that in mind, please arrive 15 minute before your departure time to select a seat of your choice. 


How soon should I arrive to make sure that I get a good seat on the trolley?
Doors open approximately 15 minutes before tour time.


Is the guide separate from the driver?
Our Trolley drivers do not double as tour guides; each tour on the Trolley has a driver and a guide. Tours on the ABQ Trolley X are a more intimate experience, and in this case, your driver will also be your guide.


Will I be able to take photographs from the Trolley?
Yes! We encourage our riders to take plenty of photos along the way. Keep in mind, however, that it is sometimes difficult to capture great photographs while traveling from a moving vehicle. We encourage guests to hop-on and hop-off the Trolley at various stops to explore and take photos. While in the Trolley, remember that we are driving on a live street; we will slow down for photos at certain locations as long as we are not interfering with traffic.


Can my kids come on the tour?
Yes, children are welcome on the Best of ABQ City Tour. On ABQ Trolley X, the cabin is much smaller than the Trolley.  Thus we ask that if you’re considering bringing a child, please be mindful of the other riders. Small disruptions are much more intrusive on ABQ Trolley X.


Can I bring my dog on the tour? 
The open-air ABQ Trolley is pet-friendly, but please be aware that many locations that you’ll want to hop-off and explore (museums, restaurants, etc.) may not allow pets inside. No pets are allowed on the ABQ Trolley X.



Is ABQ Trolley Co. locally owned and operated?
Yes, proudly so. ABQ Trolley Co. was started by Jesse Herron and Mike Silva in 2009. We affectionately refer to ourselves as "two guys and a Trolley!" We also promote local Albuquerque businesses on the tour as much as possible. To learn more about ABQ Trolley Co., check out our About Us section.  

Is food or drink allowed on the Trolley?
Yes. Please be careful with your food and drink and be sure to clean up any mess after the tour is over. 

Is the Trolley wheelchair accessible?
The Trolley does not have a wheelchair lift. However, we are able to accommodate riders who are able to get out of their wheelchair. We can store a wheelchair, walker or motorized scooter securely inside Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town.

Is there air conditioning/heating on the Trolley?
Yes and no. Our trolley is truly open-air. However, the favorable weather in Albuquerque affords us the ability to go without air conditioning or a heater. There will only be a few days each season where a light jacket is necessary. Check the local forecast here. The ABQ Trolley X is a climate-controlled luxury van, which is used for city tours in the winter.

Can I rent the Trolley for private events?
Yes. Please refer to our group tours section.

Are dogs/animals allowed on the Trolley?
Yes and no. Smaller dogs/animals that are friendly are permitted on the Trolley. We pride ourselves in being an animal-friendly city tour company. We have had many dogs on-board for the Best of ABQ city tour - they love the open-air aspect of our Trolley! We're sorry, but pets may not join you on ABQ Trolley X.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my infant?
Maybe. Infants and small children under 2 years old riding in an adult's lap will not need a ticket on the open-air ABQ Trolley. On the ABQ Trolley X, all riders regardless of age, must have a seat/seatbelt.  If your child requires a car seat, you must pay for the seat and install the car seat.  If this is the case, please arrive early to install the seat.




What is the weather like?
We are fortunate that Albuquerque has a very favorable climate with 310 days of sunshine! There are several months, however, where a light jacket may be necessary (April/September/October). To find out more about planning for our wonderful weather, click here.

Does the Trolley operate in the rain?
Yes. The Trolley operates in the rain. However, if there are flash flood warnings or other inclement weather that may be a hazard to our riders, we will not run. In light rain, the Trolley has drop-down rain curtains that shield our riders from the elements.



Need additional help?

Call us at (505) 200-2642 or email us at We look forward to having you aboard soon!